Common foot related problems 

Central Podiatry Clinic in Solihull is a well respected and expert clinic offering the latest innovations in Podiatry for a range of foot related problems. 

Corns and Calluses 

Corns and calluses are painful areas of hard, thickened skin which can be difficult to treat without professional help. Solihull Podiatry Clinic offers a number of chiropody treatments to ease the discomfort of these unsightly and uncomfortable issues. 

Diabetes Problems 

Looking after a diabetic’s person’s feet is incredibly important so no complications develop with the nerves or blood flow. Our fully qualified Chiropodists in Solihull know exactly what it takes to keep diabetic feet healthy and pain-free. 


The feet are one of the most neglected areas of the body and cracked heels are an incredibly common ailment. Our skilled Chiropodists in Solihull can help to restore your feet to their former glory and get rid of any unsightly cracked skin. 

Foot Pain 

The first step in diagnosing the root cause of any foot pain should be a Biomechanical Assessment. This will give you clear data about your joints, muscles and bones which helps us to craft your bespoke insoles and orthotics. 


Ingrown toenails, fungal nail infections, thickened nails which are hard to cut – these are all issues that we see on a daily basis and can be treated using the most up-to-date laser technology, offered here at Solihull Podiatry Clinic. 

Veruccas and Warts 

Tried treating verrucas and warts with over-the-counter treatments with minimal results? We have the latest innovations including laser and microwave therapy which can rid you of verrucas and warts in just a few sessions. 

Foot treatment prices & costs  

Full Chiropody/Podiatry Treatment 
Biomechanics with 3D foot scan 
Nail Fungus Consultation 
Bespoke Orthotics - Insoles 
£55 - £250 
Fungal Nail Treatment - One Foot Gold Standard Lasers 
Fungal Nail Treatment - Both Feet Gold Standard Lasers 
Verruca treatments (Initial treatment) (acid/cryo/laser) 
From £30 - £55 
Verruca Top up treatments (acid/cryo/laser) 
From £30 - £55 
Ingrown Nails Surgery 
£275 - £325 

Central Podiatry Clinic Solihull 

32 High St Solihull B91 3TB 

Chiropodist treatments available in Solihull 

Here at Solihull Podiatry Clinic your feet are our business, and we want to make sure that your feet are able to work as hard for you as we do! 

We’re the experts – our team has a combined clinical experience of over 4 decades and they can help you with any issue affecting your feet and lower legs. 
We offer state-of-the-art technology and facilities at our clinic in Solihull, offering the finest foot treatments administered by leading specialists in the field. 
Our aim is to accommodate every patient, no matter their budget or schedule, which is why we offer appointments to suit you. We’re here in the evenings and at weekends, and are often able to fit you in with one of our same-day appointments. 
Our prices are transparent and all treatment plans will be tailored to you, taking into account your circumstances. You will have full approval before any treatments are carried out. 
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