Callus Treatment in Solihull 

Have you developed an uncomfortable, unsightly callus on your feet? 

A callus refers to an area of hard, thickened skin on the foot, and can cover a small or more generalised area depending on the cause. Calluses are an extremely common foot problem and for some people, they’re just a fact of life and cause them no bother. 
However, if left untreated, calluses can get bigger and more painful and can ultimately affect your mobility, as well as looking rather unsightly. Calluses can also be problematic for people with diabetes. 

Get your Callus treated 

If you have calluses on your feet and have decided that it’s time to remedy the issue, Solihull Podiatry Clinic can help. Our professional staff will do everything that they can to effectively resolve your callus issues, while giving you a pain-free and relaxing treatment. 
Generally, they are caused by excessive pressure applied to an area of the foot, for example, by: 
Ill-fitting footwear 
Improper foot and lower-limb mechanics 
Alteration of the foot shape for example by rheumatoid arthritis 
The use of our specialist podiatry technology by our expert staff can rapidly remove the hard skin area which is causing you discomfort to immediately restore foot function. We may also offer a biomechanical assessment to prevent the recurrence and improve gait and foot function. 
The formation and thus treatment of the callus is specific to you, so upon evaluation of the cause, we can formulate a treatment plan accordingly. It likely involves removal of the callus with sharp debridement. 
Followed by advice to prevent the recurrence, including footwear and footcare advice, emollient therapy, and orthotics (pads to redistribute pressure applied to the foot). 

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Tailored Solutions For You 

Why choose Central Podiatry Clinic in Solihull? 

We can also perform an analysis which will identify the issues which may be causing your calluses in order to prevent them from returning in the future. 

Professional diagnosis 
Chiropodist with over 20 years experience 
Removal of your callus 
Tailored aftercare advice 

Chiropodists in Solihull 

Whether you call it Chiropody or Podiatry, at the Central Podiatry Clinic in Solihull we provide a 5-star service for all clients. Our professional approach is second to none and we always aim to fix your foot problems with a strong focus on aftercare. 
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