Flat Feet Treatments in Solihull 

Issues related to having flat feet? 

Having flat feet is something which some people are able to live with without any symptoms or discomfort. However, flat feet (or “feet that lack the medial longitudinal arch”) can cause pain and discomfort and sometimes require treatment and ongoing support. 
Flat feet can be a genetic issue, but they can also develop from the way your foot falls when you walk, also known as your gait. Other developmental and health issues can also be causative factors, for example arthritis. Many people who are born with flat feet don’t suffer symptoms until they get older and their bones start to harden. 

Get help with your flat feet 

There are several approaches to diagnosing and treating flat feet, including biomechanical and joint assessment, a bespoke stretching programme and orthotics (foot inserts) which go inside your shoes and help to correct your gait. 
Genetics are a contributing factor – you may be born with flat feet but have no issues until a later age when the bones and joints become more rigid with age. 
If a person incorrectly rolls and flattens their foot throughout the gait cycle, this can cause feet to flatten overtime. Other developmental and health issues can also be causative factors, for example arthritis. 
Typical examples include: 
Loss of foot arch 
Ankles rolling inwards 
Aching of the foot, ankle, calf, knee, thigh or other leg area 
Aching lower back or shoulder 
Treatment can include any of the following: 
Biomechanical and joint assessment 
Stretching programme 
Expert advice 
Orthotics (foot inserts) 

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If you think that you might be suffering from the side-effects of flat feet, the Solihull Podiatry Clinic can help. 

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Get in touch with Central Podiatry Clinic in Solihull for your initial assessment where our highly trained Chiropodists will be able to check you and offer our professional advice. 
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