Shockwave Therapy for Achilles Tendonitis in Solihull` 

Do you suffer from Achilles Tendonitis? Try Shockwave Therapy in Solihull 

Achilles’ tendonitis is a very common injury among runners and athletes and usually occurs due to overuse and improper warm-ups. For most people, it’s a condition which has a fairly quick healing time and doesn’t cause them any severe issues. 
However, for some people, Achilles’ tendonitis can become a chronic issue, with the pain and inflammation causing severe and long-lasting discomfort. In these cases, we recommend shockwave therapy as a first-line treatment. 

Shockwave Therapy for Achilles Tendonitis in Solihull 

Shockwave therapy is a non-invasive way to treat soft tissue and ligament damage which relies on guided pulses of energy to help stimulate your body’s own healing mechanisms. It can be particularly useful for non-healing tendon problems. 
Our targeted treatment begins with the podiatrist, who will assess the root of the cause of the pain, to ensure maximum efficacy from any treatment you receive. We can also use our 3D scanning system to produce bespoke insoles to help get you pain-free. 
The Achilles tendon is at the back of your foot just above your heel and is used when doing most forms of exercise including running and walking. Tendons transmit force from the muscles to the bone, allowing you to move. The Achilles tendon helps to absorb impact with the ground when you are doing exercise or walking. 
Shockwave therapy has been used for years in helping patients with Achilles tendonitis. If all goes well you should experience a significant reduction in pain and improving the function of your Achilles tendon. 
Injury through overuse is common and severe forms of tendonitis can cause inflammation, heel pain or aches. If you feel pain in the back of your leg, or an ache when you are running or walking then that could be a sign of Achilles tendonitis. 
Depending on the severity of your Achilles tendonitis we usually allocate for 3-4 sessions of at least 30 minutes. Your therapist will always explain the procedure in full to ensure you are aware of everything and we can cover and questions you may have. 
No although you may feel slight discomfort in your Achilles or back of your legs in the following days. This is normal and goes down by itself. Since it is a non-intrusive procedure there are no marks or scars on your skin. 
Shockwave therapy works by using pulses to create ‘micro-injuries’ which then stimulate the body to heal itself naturally. Shockwave therapy can also be used for heel pain or in other parts of the body such as the joints and tendons. 

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Shockwave Therapy for Achilles Tendonitis 

If you need help with your Achilles tendonitis then our therapist will offer you a fully tailored solution with. Shockwave therapy. We can also use 3D Scan Orthotics to help uncover the cause of the problem and aid in your full rehabilitation. 

Reduce pain in your Achilles tendon when walking or exercise 
Restore movement in your feet and legs 
Low-impact and non-intrusive 
Heal your tendons without surgery 
3D Scan Orthotics also available` 

Do you need help with your Achilles tendon pain in Solihull? 

If you are based in and around Solihull then our local clinics can provide Shockwave therapy to help with your Achilles tendonitis. Simply contact us today for a consultation or book in for Shockwave therapy. 
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