Knee Pain in Solihull 

Do you struggle with knee pain? 

If you experience knee pain, especially after exercise, it’s likely that you’re suffering from Jumper’s knee or Patellar Tendonitis. Any kind of knee pain can be debilitating and have a profound effect on your mobility, which is why diagnosing and treating your pain is so important. 
Living with knee pain can also have a detrimental effect on other areas of your body, such as your hips and back, as your gait may be affected to compensate for the pain. 

Shockwave Therapy for Knee Pain in Solihull 

Knee pain, also known as Patellar tendonitis, is a huge problem for many people. If you need help treating your knee pain then we can help assess the cause of it, and offer a suitable treatment based on your lifestyle. 
Patellar tendonitis is knee pain caused as a result of overuse of the knee e.g. by running causing microtears. This may heal incorrectly causing more damage and knee pain. Additionally, incorrect gait/walking can contribute to knee pain. 
Shockwave therapy works by using pulses to create ‘micro-injuries’ which then stimulate the body to heal itself naturally. As well as being used for knee pain it can be used on other parts of the body such as elbow, shoulder and heel. 
One of our Chiropodists will evaluate your condition by assessing your walking pattern, and physical examination of your knee joint and foot structure. The specific area of pain will be pinpointed and then a treatment plan designed accordingly. 
Shockwave therapy is a form of treatment to manage knee pain. A water-based medium is applied to the painful area to allow shockwave transmission then the probe is applied to the area and impulses administered. In some cases, just one session is enough to see long lasting results. 

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Shockwave Therapy for Knee pain in Solihull 

It is important to address your knee pain promptly, to avoid more damage to your knee joint and patella tendon. Book an appointment to see one of our Chiropody team for solutions. 

Reduce inflammation in your heels and legs 
Restore movement and walk pain-free again 
Low-impact and non-intrusive 
Heal your tendons without surgery 
3D Scan Orthotics also available 

Need help with your knee pain in Solihull? 

Get in touch with Central Podiatry Clinic in Solihull today for a full assessment and tailored package for your knee pain using Shockwave therapy. With our help you can be back to your active lifestyle in no time at all. 
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