Verruca Treatment in Solihull 

Verruca Treatment in Solihull 

Verrucas are an incredibly common foot complaint; around one in ten of us has a verruca at any one time, and that figure is as high as one in three in children. Verrucas are a type of wart found on the foot and caused by the human papillomavirus - they are usually completely harmless. 
Verrucas are, however, often unsightly, reaching up to 1cm or more in diameter, and are well-known for being highly contagious. They can interfere with normal activities such as swimming or other sports which require bare feet and although there are a huge range of over-the-counter treatments available, they are often not powerful enough to kill verrucas completely. 

Treatment Options for Verrucas 

There are a number of Verruca treatments available at the Central Podiatry Clinic in Solihull. We will offer you a tailored solution which is bespoke to your specific needs. See some of our treatment solutions below... 
This involves freezing the verruca with a special freezing unit. It can be said to feel like a pinch or sting. You will be able to get back to work after having this treatment and generally will see results in a few weeks. 
This is a slow but reliable treatment which can be useful for certain verrucas. You will have to wear a 'sock' which covers your foot and keep it dry for up to a week so its suitability depends on your lifestyle. 
Swift microwave Therapy 
This is a break through treatment using microwave energy to treat verrucae with precission. It is the most effective treatment for verrucae on the market*. Treatment takes up to 10 seconds per verruca and there are no anaesthetic or dressings required,  
Laser Treatment 
Laser therapy or 'lasing' can be used to restrict blood flow to verrucas thereby killing them and denaturing the DNA in a pain-free way. This form of therapy is very effective and produces good, long-lasting results. 

Verruca Treatment in Solihull 

Here at the Solihull Podiatry Clinic, we offer all of the most effective treatments available from laser, acids, cryotherapy and microwave therapy. Your chiropodist will create a bespoke treatment plan depending on your needs, and if you choose to go ahead with treatment your consultation fee will be waived! 
Verrucas occur due to a highly contagious viral infection which can leave the foot or sole damaged and unsightly. They can be caught in public places are highly contagious. 
Microwave energy is delivered directly to the site of the verruca using a hand-held probe. It sends microwaves to a precise and predetermined depth leaving surrounding tissue undamaged. It targets water molecules within the skin, creating heat. This activates an immune response, which destroys the infected cells. 
Unlike topical remedies, laser treatment specifically targets the blood vessels with heat, without damaging the surrounding tissue, to cut off the blood supply that “feeds” the verruca and allows it to survive, resulting in a fast, more permanent solution to the problem. 
There are a range of treatments available including needling, acids, cryotherapy and laser treatment. We are one of only a handful of clinics in Birmingham offering laser treatment which is particularly effective for stubborn cases. 
Verrutop is break through from conventional keratolytic acids used in clinic to eliminate difficult to treat infections. Depending on the size and stubborn nature of the presenting verruca up to 6 or less treatments may be required. 
You may experience some mild discomfort when treating verrucas but we always do our best to numb the area before doing any treatment. Your Chiropodist will always explain the different options to you beforehand. 
Ideal for small warts and verrucas, they are frozen down to minus 90 degrees C and then scraped away from the foot. Typically requires 2-5 treatments sometimes in conjunction with the use of acids. 

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Need Verruca Treatment in Solihull? 

We offer professional Chiropody from our clinics across Solihull. With excellent customer care and a range of foot treatments on offer we will ensure your feet remain verruca-free. 

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Become Verruca Free 

Central Podiatry Clinic in Solihull specialise in healing verrucas and getting your feet looking comfortable and pain-free again. Our range of verruca treatments will help you avoid getting verrucas again. 
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